Training and Workshop
Training and Workshop
Maintaining discipline and ensuring a secure educational environment is of utmost importance for any academic institution. The practice of conducting impartial and thorough disciplinary inquiry is a fundamental aspect in upholding the institution's core values and establishing accountability. Our comprehensive range of training and workshop services has been meticulously crafted to empower your institution with the essential skills and methodologies required to effectively conduct disciplinary inquiries while maintaining transparency and adhering to regulatory guidelines.

Our team of seasoned trainers will expertly lead participants through a systematic, step-by-step approach to executing disciplinary inquiries. This encompasses a comprehensive understanding of the legal framework, adept evidence collection, proficient interview techniques, and ensuring a fair due process.These trainings are available in online and offline mode.

Enriched with an interactive dimension, our workshops seamlessly integrate role-playing and authentic simulations. This dynamic pedagogical approach enables participants to immerse themselves in practical scenarios, fostering the refinement of their skills within a controlled environment. The outcome is a heightened sense of confidence and competence in navigating disciplinary inquiries. We in Eduinquiry strongly recommend that all institutions should have such workshops to train their faculty/ non faculty members.

How we help
  • Provide customized training & workshop.
  • Expert facilitators with knowledge & practical experience.
  • Interactive & case study based learning modules.
  • Flexible delivery options using in-person or virtual training.
  • Provide comprehensive study materials for learning & reference.
  • Assist in post-training support.