Anti Ragging Inquiry
Anti Ragging Inquiry
We understand the importance of maintaining a positive and inclusive atmosphere for all students. Our team assists in conduct of investigations with the committee nominated by the institution into reported cases, ensuring a fair and unbiased approach.

We provide expert advisory and support throughout the process and at every stage of the inquiry recording of statement of complainant, examination of witnesses, and alleged perpetrators, assist in marshalling evidence to assess the severity of the situation.

Following the inquiry, we offer continued advisory and consultation to prepare findings and recommend suitable actions to be initated by the institution. Our anti ragging inquiry services contribute to cultivating a safe and respectful educational environment, emphasizing a zero-tolerance stance against ragging and promoting the well-being of every student.

How we help
  • Assist in preparation of literature and SoP for ARC.
  • Provide assistance in conduct of inquiries.
  • Assist in regulatory compliance.
  • Assist in examining documents for legal tenability.
  • Legal support in case of challenge of inquiries or procedures.